Personalized internet radio


  • Local radiostations from major cities
  • Personalized and smart streaming radio
  • Useful Windows 8 multitasking
  • Integrated lyrics


  • Mediocre quality music
  • Takes some time to learn your musical tastes

Very good

iHeartRADIO is an internet music and radio streaming service and application for Windows 8.

There are plenty of options for streaming internet radio but iHeartRADIO brings something different to the table: local radio stations. There are a ton of major cities listed in iHeartRADIO with most major radio stations available for streaming.

If you don't want to listen to local radio stations, you can also queue up your favorite artists and have a personalized radio station of similar artists. When a track plays, you can like/dislike, which helps iHeartRADIO's music engine to learn more about your musical tastes. It will take while before iHeartRADIO starts generating playlists that appeal to you.

There is also a setting for music discovery that is user adjustable. Users can choose between 'Familiar,' 'Mixed,' and 'Less Familiar' to aid or lessen music discovery. This is handy if you're in the mood for similar artists or if you're feeling adventurous.

The streaming quality of iHeartRADIO isn't bad but it's also not impressive. Competitors like Spotify and even Pandora sound a bit better and less compressed. Still, iHeartRADIO's excellent features and service are more than enough to make up for it.

Overall, iHeartRADIO is one of the best internet radio streaming apps available.




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